Continuing Education Seminars

Value-Added Services

Our firm is focused on providing value-added service to our clients and insurance adjusters on a daily basis. We understand that our claims professionals oftentimes handle and resolve matters in-house rather than involve outside counsel. From time to time our claims professionals are faced with state-specific legal issues that do not necessarily require the assignment of a claim to counsel. Our firm appreciates these situations and is always available to assist with any legal issues and practical advice that may be required by our insurance carriers and claims personnel in effectively and efficiently resolving claims.

We work closely with insurance companies who provide coverage to professionals, businesses and property owners. We are intimately involved in the claims handling process and understand the importance of timely and accurate reporting pursuant to insurer guidelines. Our attorneys strive to adhere to these guidelines and routinely update our claims professionals so appropriate reserves can be set aside and joint decisions made on litigation matters.


Insurance Seminars

Additionally, we understand that many claims professionals are required by licensing authorities to meet certain continuing education criteria on an annual basis. We take this as an opportunity to provide our insurers and risk personnel with up-to-date continuing education seminars that address current legal topics relevant to trending claims. Our firm works closely with the departments of insurance of various states to qualify our seminars for continuing education credits. As a way of “giving back” to our clients, we manage all aspects of the registration process to provide a hassle free experience.